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Financing is the Key to Investing in your Home

For most of us, financing can be a confusing and frustrating experience. It is almost as if bankers speak a different language. Mountaineer Mobile Homes takes away the stress and confusion by handling the financing for you. We work with multiple local and national lenders specializing in mobile homes, and shop among them to find the best loan with the lowest interest rate. Our staff is experienced with financing and we speak their language so you can relax and let us handle the details for you.


Need to pay off high interest credit cards or would you like to lower your monthly payment? You can do this by refinancing your home. Take advantage of the equity in your home with our easy refinancing program. Simply refinance and lower you interest rate or monthly payments and lower your overhead. Refinance and get extra cash you need.

Need Help fixing your Credit? 

Mountaineer Mobile Homes understands that for reasons beyond our control, most of us have less than perfect credit. How often have you applied for a loan and something suddenly appears on your credit report that makes no sense? The problem is, whether its accurate or not, enough negative items will lower your score enough to deny you the loan you need to invest in your dream home.

We have established a referral relationship with a large and experienced company that specializes in helping individuals repair their credit and help increase their scores. Call today for more details and get on track to fixing your credit and make your dream home a reality or Click here for more information! 

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